RTO Consolidation and Management

For years the recording, management, and international alignment of handicaps was an issue for the game. 

In 2008, at a small reception kindly hosted by Guy Durand, President of the Fontainebleau Club de Jeu de Paume, all four tennis playing nations signed an agreement to become shareholders in the RTO website. The signing party completed the acquisition begun the previous year when the T&RA and USCTPF agreed to purchase the site from Tim Graham. 

The USCTPF, in an effort led by Haven Pell, established a unique ownership format encompassing all the national governing bodies around the world. The USCTA, as the game’s governing body in the U.S., was designated as the primary contact. The USCTPF continues to fund the RTO site for the benefit of all U.S. players.

Management of RTO continues under this format and includes an International Handicapping Committee. This body instructs RTO as to what service it requires RTO to provide for handicapping, and the RTO management implements these instructions. 

Today, the international handicap and scoring system remains the standard tool used globally for keeping handicaps recorded and up to date. 

USCTPF Paumier