Court Development

The Foundation has worked for two decades to help develop new courts and restore existing courts, and working in concert with local groups has built a track record of success.


The history of court tennis, or real tennis as it is known abroad, is both colorful and complex. It is a game that has weaved its way through royal life and public courts, from 15th-century monks to Gilded Age splendor to modern day. The sport has the ability to unite generations – bringing millennials and baby-boomers together for a courteous display of athleticism and good sportsmanship.

Rooted in tradition, with fascinating rules and an uncommon code of civilized conduct, court tennis fosters a strong sense of community among players and supporters who are committed to the long-term prosperity of the game. The USCTPF serves as a steward for this community, ensuring that the unique qualities of court tennis remain relevant for generations to come.

From the current Charleston Court Tennis Project and the development of the Washington Court, to the restoration of courts in Boston, Philadelphia and Newport, the Foundation works alongside donors and clubs to improve the condition and quality of courts throughout the country.

"The USCTPF is the cornerstone for the growth and development of Tennis in the United States. In addition to being the primary group promoting new courts in the U.S., the foundation actively funds and supports programming for a multitude of groups within the game. Having been both a beneficiary of such programs and a director of programming, I feel uniquely qualified to speak about the foundation's success. The future of Tennis in the United States will be closely correlated with the strength of the USCTPF."

Barney Tanfield



USCTPF Paumier