Foundation Accomplishments

The idea of supporting court tennis in the United States with tax-deductible contributions began long before the formation of the USCTPF. Bill Clothier and Alistair Martin, two of the great players and leaders of the game, raised a substantial amount of donations throughout the 1980s and 90s for a fund held at the International Tennis Hall of Fame. After the establishment of the Foundation in 1994, and the subsequent tax-exempt designation in 1995, the funds held at the Hall of Fame were redirected to the USCTPF.

Due to the foresight of these leaders, and the ongoing dedication of the court tennis community, the USCTPF has successfully supported the players, places and future of court tennis for more than two decades.

Accomplishments in which the Foundation has played a significant role include:

Georgian Court University

A long term program for the USCTPF has been working to bring the tennis court at Georgian Court University back into operation on campus and within the broader U.S. court tennis community.

Real Tennis Online

The purchase of Real Tennis Online (RTO) in conjunction with the four international governing bodies for court tennis created the global standard for recording handicaps and bolsters our playing community.

The construction of Prince’s Court in Washington, D.C. in 1997 with $850,000 raised by committed donors.
Support of restoration projects including the courts at the Tennis and Racquet Club in Boston, the Racquet Club of Philadelphia and the National Tennis Club in Newport.
Funding for to launch a U.S. website for the game.
Funding the research and development of prototypes for new Court Tennis materials, including lightweight balls and oversized racquets that could become an important part of the game with support of the USCTA.
Currently aiding the development of a new court in Charleston, SC as the recipient of taxdeductible contributions and by providing technical assistance to project leaders. This project has seen considerable fundraising success with more funds pledged and more donors participating than in any U.S. new court effort up to now.
Providing funding for traveling teams to England and Australia for the Van Alen Cup, Clothier Cup and Bathurst Cup as well as other overseas events.
Funding the publication of the Short Guide to Real Tennis inspired by a donation from Michael Flynn.
Fostering junior development across the U.S., specifically in Newport through the John Lieb endowment and at the International Tennis Club of Washington through the Prince Junior Fund. The Foundation has also provided support to all clubs that participate in the PDP.
Supporting ancillary, non-prize money, expenses related to the U.S. Professional Singles Championship playing for the Schochet Cup through an endowed fund established by Jay Schochet.
The filming, production and distribution of a series of videos to capture significant professional court tennis matches.
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