Projects & Programs

With your support, in the next ten years the Foundation looks to work with the tennis community to…

  • Add more players.
  • Add more courts.
  • Improve the state of play at every court.
  • Improve U.S. standings in global court tennis competitions.
  • Improve the level of play, helping players achieve their full on-court potential.
  • Improve the infrastructure of U.S. courts.
  • Expand the game while maintaining its unique qualities of good sportsmanship.
  • Expand player communications, both within the U.S. and globally.

Supporting Tournament Play

Competitive play at the amateur and professional level is the life blood of any sport. The Foundation funds numerous junior, women, advanced amateur and professional events throughout the season. While not able to fund professional prize money, the Foundation’s support of professional events elevates visibility of the game and helps to showcase world-class play.

Building Community

Keeping court tennis players and supporters informed via print and digital communications is a central goal within the USCTPF mission. The Foundation’s contributions to the Real Tennis Online (RTO) handicap system created a central online location where players can easily record and access handicap information and utilize a common communications platform. An innovative endeavor for the court tennis world, this system is now utilized globally.

Other Programs

In addition to player and court development, the USCTPF also aids in fostering global relations through international amateur competition, and sponsored meetings and seminars for governing bodies of Court Tennis. Educational programs are also supported through the Foundation in addition to the production of educational materials, books, and special exhibits.

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